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In-House Senior UX Researcher for a Top-Rated SaaS Product Startup

  • 3-5+ years in applied product and UX research and testing
  • Experience with a broad toolkit of qualitative and quantitative research techniques and methods
  • Ability to organize and facilitate various forms of contextual (in situ), remote, lab, and group inquiries
  • Skilled at translating research data into materials that are easy for design and product teams to consume, and a strong ability to communicate an understanding of research results to the rest of the team and company
  • Ability to collaborate closely with interdisciplinary teams and to inspire confidence in and support for user research practices
  • An up-to-date understanding of research techniques and methods, and an ongoing commitment to keep one's skills and knowledge fresh and leading-edge
  • Ability to work in fast-paced, agile environments, juggling multiple priorities and deliverables
  • Solid knowledge of HCI, experimental design, research planning, observational and field methods, and data analysis
Desirable Skills & Experience: 
  • Advanced degree in a directly related field of study such as experimental psychology, cognitive psychology, ethnography, human factors, HCI, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience using research as a driver of strategic value to a company and using it to build support among stakeholders and cross-disciplinary team members
  • Strong competency with layout and graphic design tools such as Adobe Illustrator to be able to create well-packaged, compelling deliverables based on research results
  • Prior experience working on products or for companies that focus on data security (e.g., banking) and/or key business processes
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