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Mobile Product Design Lead at a Silicon Valley Startup

  • At least 4-5 years of UX and product design experience. Because success in this role depends a lot on dynamism, drive, and other such personality traits, we welcome conversations with people across a broad range of levels of experience.
  • Demonstrated experience designing and completing mobile apps for iOS and/or Android. This is a mandatory requirement, and it must be mobile apps and not just mobile sites or mobile-optimized web applications.
  • Proven ability to create engaging, useful, and elegantly designed app experiences for the consumer sensibility. In other words, your experience should demonstrate savviness in joining utility, usability, user-centricity, and desirability in app experience
  • Mastery of a broad range of techniques, tools, and practices from the UX toolkit.
  • Ability to excel and deliver in the face of change and the unknown in a fast-paced, agile, and highly collaborative environment.
Desirable Skills & Experience: 
  • Refined aesthetic sense and visual design skills that are applicable to product, brand, and marketing design.
  • Experience in startup environments and/or building products totally from scratch.
  • Well developed interpersonal, communication, and design communication skills and the ability to shift naturally between supportive, collaborative, and leadership roles.
  • ufficient technical knowledge to understand engineering issues and constraints, and proven deftness in closely collaborating with technical and engineering professionals.
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