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Why work with a staffing and career development agency?

We make the process of finding a new job or making your next career move much more pleasant and effective for user-centered practitioners, and get better results than you'd be able to get on your own. Once you become a part of the Didus job-seekers network, you have access to our team's resources, which include:

  • Deep experience in the user-centered realm that allows us to fully understand your experience and help you craft the best possible explanation tailored to potential employers.
  • Many years of experience working on the other side of the table—screening, interviewing, negotiating with, and hiring user-centered professionals—that enable us to see you from the hiring manager's perspective.
  • Extensive connections in the user-centered community that allow us to find inside connections to companies and jobs you might have thought out of reach, and that gives us first- and second-degree connections that can provide helpful information and even offer references.
  • Professional writing and editing via our partners at UX Magazine to improve your resume, portfolio, and other profile information.
  • Inside information about companies and roles, including those we may not yet be representing.
  • A great deal of experience crafting and evaluating portfolios for user-centered roles.
  • Much in the same way it's best to research and design a product before developing it, drawing on our career development, staffing connection, and profile design and editing services will make you a stronger applicant to top user-centered jobs, and help you be more successful in getting interviewed and hired.

Our view of the employment market for user-centered professionals

We've spent a lot of time working with user-centered agencies and companies, as well as investigating the user-centered employment market with our partner UX Magazine, and we see the same problems over and over. The industry is experiencing tremendous growth and demand, but everyone is having trouble communicating what they need and the value of what they do in the context of an industry where key concepts are poorly defined and everyone understands them differently, and titles like "Experience Director" can mean totally different things depending on the size, location, and focus of a company. Companies struggle to define and articulate what they are looking for and don’t know how to create the right environment for UX to be successful, while UX professionals find it difficult to explain the breadth and focus of their experience.

We also hear companies and their employees making the same complaint but from different perspectives. Companies often don't feel they're getting the most out of their user-centered staff and so they contrive dysfunctional project management, HR, and management practices; meanwhile, employees feel they're prevented from doing their best work because the company misunderstands and mismanages them. Everyone just wants to do good work, but miscommunication and misunderstanding get in the way.

Our approach

These are the problems we've set out to solve through Didus' staffing and career development services. We help find successful matches between experience-driven businesses and experience-oriented practitioners by:

  • Getting everyone speaking in the same terms and working toward the same goals.
  • Helping employers refine their understanding of their user-centered roles to ensure they're looking for the right people and having them do the right kind of work.
  • Consulting with non-agency companies to help them build an user-centered competency internally, whether from scratch or through restructuring.
  • Working intensively with individual professionals to refine the way they describe their skills and experience to be better aligned with their goals and what companies are looking for.
  • Leveraging our extensive network to find matches between professionals and employers that wouldn't have connected otherwise.

If you'd like to be part of our community of user-centered practitioners, please send us your information using the form below, or contact us directly.

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Why so many questions?

The more information and materials that you can provide that describe your experience, demonstrate your portfolio of experience, and explain your skills, the easier it will be for us to find interesting opportunities that match your skills. We will keep this information in strict confidence. We don't share your information with employers without first obtaining your permission, and your salary history is always private.