• Creating Opportunities for Experience-Oriented Professionals

    Through our deep experience in the field and a unique relationship with UX Magazine, Didus is working to improve the market for professionals in user experience (UX) and user-centered roles in design, research, technology, and strategy through an insider approach to UX staffing, education, and career development. We help professionals clearly articulate their value to companies who we've helped to develop a clear understanding of UX.

  • Help People You Respect Find Work Where They'll Be Respected

    Good people know good people. As we deepen our connections in the community, we'd like to get to know the people you have enjoyed working with, and the folks who you think deserve better jobs. Even if they're not currently looking a change, new connections inevitably add energy and opportunity. But if you refer someone to us who we're able to successfully place in a new job, we'll thank you with $600 for you and an additional $400 for the charity of your choice. Read more about our referral program.

  • Do Meaningful Work for Experience-Driven Companies

    Interested in working for a company that understands and values your work and sees user experience, customer experience, and service design as key strategic priorities? We know that experience-oriented professionals are happiest where they're able to do their best work and do the most good, so we work intensively with companies to create an environment where experience teams can thrive. Connect with us so we can connect you to companies you'll enjoy being part of.

  • Hire and retain the right people for your projects and culture

    We help agencies add talented, user-centered specialists to their teams, and we work with product companies to create or build their in-house capabilities. Our deep knowledge of user-centered design, research, technology, and strategy allows us to understand the detailed nuances of our clients' needs, help them craft experience-oriented roles and business units, and match candidates from our large community of experienced professionals. Learn more about how we can help you build your team.


  • Information architects
  • Production & UI designers
  • Experience architects
  • Interaction designers
  • Visual communicators


  • Usability experts
  • User researchers
  • Ethnographic & field researchers
  • Participatory designers
  • Customer insight researchers


  • Product managers
  • Service design experts
  • CXOs, CTOs, CCOs, & CIOs
  • Business & process analysts
  • Agency client managers


  • UX web developers
  • Mobile developers
  • User-centered QA
  • Agile practitioners
  • Front-End HTML & CSS

Who We Are

In software design, it's important to develop a deep understanding of the goals of the business and the needs of users so you can craft products perfectly suited to both. We've built Didus around a similar premise: we take the time to fully understand the needs of businesses and practitioners to find the perfect matches from our large community of diverse connections.


That's why our deep experience in user-centered design, research, technology, and strategy is so crucial. Our knowledge of this complicated and dynamic field allows us to accurately understand companies' needs, the specific skills and experience of the professionals we represent, and the knowledge and information gaps in the field.


Through our team's personal connections and through our exclusive partnership with UX Magazine, we have a community of over 90,000 practitioners and countless experience-driven businesses. Our team is comprised of experience-oriented practitioners, business leaders, educators, HR and hiring professionals, professional writers and editors, and UX-focused recruiters and career consultants. We have decades of experience and expert knowledge of UX, CX, web, mobile, and other related fields, and key members of our team wrote Effective UI, a book on the art of building great UX in software. We've also built and sold a successful, UX-focused software services agency, where we learned first-hand how to hire experience-oriented professionals, building digital agencies, and effectively staff in-house product and project teams.


Even though a lot of companies are hiring for UX and user-centered roles, it's still tough to see past all the job descriptions and company marketing to find jobs that are a good fit for my specific skills and that I'll find engaging. Didus helped me cut through all of that and connected me to job opportunities I was excited about. It was great working with people who understood my experience and the UX field so fully and accurately… it helped me tremendously when it came to finding the right companies and jobs, and preparing my resume and portfolio materials.

Pete K., User Experience Researcher